• WHEN Sunday 5th June, 04:00pm
  • WHERE X Space, Baycourt
  • TICKETS Admission $20 (*TECT $16). Booking fees apply
  • DURATION 60mins

Six women and men take 7 minutes each to explore their set topic, The Great Escape!

Storytelling at its finest by some of this country’s best writers and communicators. Come along and be prepared to enjoy the unexpected... tales of escape!

Storytellers are:

·         Greg McGee (also appearing in The Antipodeans at 11.30am on June 5)

·         Nicky Pellegrino (also appearing at Morning Tea at 10am on June 6)

·         Siouxsie Wiles (also appearing in Marvellous Microbes at 5.30pm on June 3 and Let There be Light at 2.30pm on June 5)

·         Donovan Bixley (also appearing in Much Ado at 10am on June 4 and Young at Art workshop at 2.30pm on June 4)

·         Professor Geoff Lealand of Waikato University’s department of screen and media studies

·         Robert McGowan of Tauranga (an extraordinary man! Read and listen about him here)